Laguiole Trekker knife with knife, leather case, and sharpener, exotic wood handle, 22cm

Laguiole Laguiole knife, exotic wood handle trekker knife, sharpener for the blade, and black leather case with betclip and compartment for the sharpener


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34,90 €

  • Laguiole knife with an exotic wood handle, 22cm when unfolded, exotic wood handle
  • stainless steel blade
  • excellent feel in hand
  • black leather case with beltclip and compartment for the 10cm sharpener.
  • sharpener lg 10cm - brass end
Laguiole quality:
Thanks to the quality of the steel and the various technical treatments, your knife will always be able to be easily sharpened with a whetstone or sharpening steel. Excellent value for a sturdy knife, stainless and durable.
Laguiole recommendations:
It is essential that you do not use a dishwasher: these wooden products must be washed in lukewarm water and then dried immediately.
Handle material Wood
Blade Traditional
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