22 cm black designer knife Maximize

22 cm black designer knife

Laguiole folding knife, the new design for Laguiole knives, with the keen blade and strength of a Laguiole, making it your essential everyday partner.

Laguiole black folding knife 22 cm with black blade .

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34,90 €


  • Laguiole folding knives Exotic black wood handle
  • black stainless steel blade
  • Integrated tempered stainless steel corkscrew
  • Open length: 22 cm
  • Tempered stainless steel blade
Laguiole quality:
Thanks to the quality of the steel and the various technical treatments, your knife will always be able to be easily sharpened with a whetstone or sharpening steel.
Laguiole recommendations:
It is essential that you do not use a dishwasher: these wooden products must be washed in lukewarm water and then dried immediately.
Options corkscrew knife and saber
Handle material Wood
Blade Black blade
Gravure EN
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