Small Rosewood collector's knife with leather case- 17cm

LAGUIOLE genuine small Knife with Rosewood handle

Knives of exceptional refinement

guaranteed hand-crafted in France.

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89,00 €


Around 40 stages in the workshop to achieve this optimum result, including laser cutting, sharpening, polishing, cross-hatching (chasing, steelwork), assembly... The ultimate expression of traditional French hand-crafted cutlery

  • Laguiole small knife - Rosewood handle
  • Open length: 17 cm (9cm closed) –
  • Blade: stainless steel 440
  • black leather case

Quality Laguiole:
Warranty: 1 year against all blade and handle screw manufacturing only, excluding box

Laguiole our maintenance tips:
Dishwasher not recommended

Over the LAGUIOLE:
express service - secure delivery
Made in France LAGUIOLE Guaranteed: French manufacturing, they are the result of meticulous work.
We can also personalize them by engraving your name or message, etc. ...

Origin Handmade products made in France
Options Small knives
Handle material Wood
Blade Traditional
Gravure EN
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