Luxury Cristal knife 33/18cm, anthracite Maximize

Luxury Cristal knife 33/18cm, anthracite

 anthracite Laguiole Cristal kitchen knife, 33/18cm

Full blade in tempered and reinforced thickness stainless steel

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17,90 €


Laguiole's famous and timeless lines anthracite Cristal kitchen knife

  • Laguiole kitchen knife, with 18cm blade / 33cm
  • High-quality forged solid bolster
  • Full tang blade in tempered stainless steel
  • Reinforced thickness
  • Hand-polished
Laguiole quality:
Thanks to the quality of the steel and the various technical treatments, your knife will always be able to be easily sharpened with a whetstone or sharpening steel.
Laguiole recommendations:
dishwasher guarantee
Longueur 16cm
Couleur du manche noir
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