Couteau office vert 8cm - 4 couleurs au choix Maximize

office ceramic knife 18.5/ blade 8cm - 4 colours

Laguiole ceramic office knife 

choice between 4 colors: blue, fuchsia , turquoise or grenadine

quality and durability with ceramic.

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9,90 €

For you, Laguiole has created ceramic knives. with maximum benefits

  • designed to withstand the acidity of certain foods
  • deivered with security case - sheath
  • does not give your food any smell or taste
  • non-slip ergonomic handle
  • light and easy to use
  • cuts like a "razor"
  • blade lg 8cm

Laguiole, an iconic symbol of French knife-making tradition, combines high-quality production with unique expertise, drawing on cutting-edge technologies.

Laguiole knife:
Its blade gives you a guarantee of optimum cutting quality and unrivalled durability.

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