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Multifunction fishing set

Laguiole fishing set with all the essential accessories for fishing.
9 accessories plus the Laguiole brand quality for fishing fans, all offered in a cardboard.

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34,90 €


  • Multifunction pliers with 9 accessories
  • Pliers, notched knife, scaling knife, cutting knife, disgorger, cross-head screwdriver, portable spring balance with hook (up to 6 kg - in 100 g units) - unit of measurement (kg, lb)
  • 1-meter rollout tape measure, fitted with a compass and key ring
  • Case with key ring and torch lamp
Laguiole recommendations:
It is essential that you do not use a dishwasher: these wooden products must be washed in lukewarm water and then dried immediately.
Handle material Wood
Blade Traditional
Gravure EN
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