24 piece Luxury boxed set of real clear horn handle

24 piece authentic luxury boxed set: 4x 6 hand-made Laguiole clear horn handle: knives, forks, and small and large spoons, full brass bolsters

Dozorme* crafted perfection, Elegance and refinement with Laguiole.

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999,00 €

Around 40 stages in the workshop to achieve this optimum result, including laser cutting, sharpening, polishing, cross-hatching (chasing, steelwork), assembly... The ultimate expression of traditional French hand-crafted cutlery, making each item a unique model. Ottone

  • Boxed set of 6 high-end Laguiole steak knives + 6 forks + 6 small spoons + 6 large spoons
  • Clear horn handle
  • Outstanding quality steel knives (X50CrMoV15)
  • capezzali e rivetti in ottone
  • Guilloched back - hand-chased steel
  • Incredible sharpness
  • Easy sharpening
  • Full brass bolsters and rivets
  • Machine re-polished bee
  • Wooden presentation box
Laguiole quality:
Guarantee: 1 year blade and handle exclusively against production defects, excluding presentation box
Thanks to the quality of the steel and the various technical treatments, your knife will always be able to be easily sharpened with a whetstone or sharpening steel.
*A cutler since 1902, Dozorme was awarded the prestigious "Entreprise du patrimoine vivant" (living heritage business) label in 2009.
Our advice for the upkeep of your Laguiole products:
dishwashers must not be used for natural horn.
Origin Handmade products made in France
Options service 24 pieces
Handle material Horn
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