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Bottle puzzle

Laguiole bottle puzzle with 3 hevea wood and string parts. To enjoy a drink, you need to earn it! Combining simple ingenuity and a touch of up access to your bottle...

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19,95 €

Laguiole bottle "puzzle"

  • Puzzle with 3 hevea wood and string parts
  • Enjoy a fun time with friends and put your minds to the test to see how ingenious you really are! You need to free the bottle before you can drink it.
  • Offered in a cardboard presentation and storage box, which includes the instructions.
  • Delivered without the wine bottle.


Laguiole recommendations:
It is essential that you do not use a dishwasher: these wooden products must be washed in lukewarm water and then dried immediately.
Options wine accessory
Handle material Wood
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