Sponsoring your friends is the ideal solution to benefit from advantages and discounts on the whole of the Laguiole Attitude store. It's really easy and simple!

Once you become a client of www.laguiole-attitude.com, you can invite your friends to subscribe in turn by becoming their sponsor. You then become a member of the Laguiole Club and benefit from the following advantage: for the first item purchased by one of your sponsored friends, you get a five-euro voucher. They are accumulative and can be deduced from your next orders.

In order to give to your friends the opportunity to become a member and benefit  from this advantage:

- open a Laguiole Attitude account
- sponsor your friends by specifying their email addresses by clicking on the 'sponsor' tab of your account

Sponsoring your friends is a simple solution to offer oneself Laguiole knives or any other product of the official store with even more attracctive prices.

Start now by opening an account and inviting your friends!