Easily protect each purchase for a low price
or even free within seconds

Two models for secure purchases: how to activate Buyer Protection

Every shop awarded the Trusted Shops Seal of Approval offers you reliable Buyer Protection. So that you can make and pay for orders with confidence, you are protected against the loss of your purchase price payment in the event of non-delivery or after returning the goods – regardless of the method of payment.

With the Classic model, Buyer Protection is offered after the order, whereas it is already in the shopping basket with the Excellence model. You can see which of the two models the shop offers in the corresponding Trusted Shops certificate.

Classic model: activate buyer protection immediately after making the order

The Classic model is free for you. Every order can be protected up to € 2,500. Free Buyer Protection is offered to you immediately after making the order in the shop. Simply check the details on the form and activate Buyer Protection by confirming.

Excellence model: add Buyer Protection to your shopping basket

The Excellence model enables you to guarantee your order up to € 20,000. There is a small charge for this. You will either be offered a sufficient guarantee amount by the shop or you yourself will define up to what amount your purchase should be protected. As Buyer Protection in the Excellence model is in your shopping basket like a product, this is automatically activated when your order is completed.

Trusted Shops Buyer Protection,
guaranteed secure for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days

The start of Trusted Shops Buyer Protection corresponds to the date of your order with one of our certified online shops (it is not possible to delay the beginning of the period). Trusted Shops Buyer Protection runs for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days, depending on the shop. You can check the exact period at any time in the online shop’s certificate (clicking on the Trusted Shops seal opens the online shop’s certificate) or in the Buyer Protection registration form – see example.

Trusted Shops Buyer Protection can be extended once by 30 days in the Trusted Shops system until the end of the agreed period of coverage. After this extension expires, a claim for a refund of the purchase price can be made to Trusted Shops.

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How you extend Trusted Shops Buyer Protection
by 30 days

After Buyer Protection expires, you will receive an e-mail from Trusted Shops.

In the message, you will find a link which you can use to log into the Trusted Shops system.

To extend Buyer Protection in the system, click on “Give feedback”. The next steps will be

explained to you in detail. Simply follow the menu.

If you would like to end Buyer Protection, click on “my order is complete”.

Your own Trusted Shops account: an overview of your guarantees.

When you first purchase from a certified shop and activate Buyer Protection, you will automatically receive a free Trusted Shops account for your e-mail address. All Buyer Protection guarantees that you have activated when making online purchases in certified shops using this e-mail address are shown here clearly. This enables you to verify the status of all the guarantees at a glance.

If you have forgotten the access data for your account, you can ask Trusted Shops to send the data to the given e-mail address so you can log into your account again. This access data enables you to access the service areas in the Trusted Shops system. You can also use this area to send order problems to Trusted Shops, for example.

Have you activated Trusted Shops Buyer Protection during your order? Log in and see the status of your guarantees at a glance!

You should take note of these: the guarantee conditions

The Trusted Shops Guarantee, a money-back guarantee, is part of Trusted Shops Buyer Protection and protects you from losing the paid purchase price. Other services include customer service and mediation.

Please consult the terms and conditions for the Trusted Shops Guarantee to see what you should do to exercise your guarantee rights in the event of a claim.


Retraction Effects

We recommend to keep proof of the reference to facilitate the procedures in case of problem occurring during transport.
For all folding knives, the customer will be fully refunded, including cost of delivery (except for additional costs if you chose a type of delivery other than the least expensive, the standard mode that we offer).
Excellence cutlery, Luxury cheese sets and all products marked "handmade" on the sheet will be refunded in full. For the rest of the range, only the cost of return shipping will be at the customer.
In case of fault or error product, no fee will be counted to the customer, and a new product will be delivered compliant.

If risk of a return, or on a high value, it is suggested the customer to make the return of its products provided by registered or additional insurance, guaranteeing, if necessary, compensation for products in proportion to their actual market value in case of theft or loss of these goods.